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Just a question for my readers.


As I have said before, Potter Heads Anonymous is and will remain FREE, although, donations only help, as I am a "starving student" and hosting takes money, which I can provide, but any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!  To this date, I have not truly asked for help with the site.  I do not believe I will have any issue paying the hosting for this month or next, but if anyone feels they wish to donate, this period would be more helpful than others, as money is a bit tight right now.  As I said, however, it is not "needed" as I will be able to keep the site up, it's just a bit closer than in the past this month.

Donate to P.A. by copying/pasting this link -

Or by clicking the link above!

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Site Update 

Well, my financial situation has changed, and I no longer foresee any issue keeping this site up and running.  As always this site is and will remain free.  I greatly appreciate any donations, but know that they are not and will never be required.

That said, in the latest chapter of Harry Crow by Robst over at FF.N, he mentioned a user asking for his work in audio format, and pointed them here for those files.  Well, as I follow his work closely, and use the audio format to "read" myself, I started the podcast, but that is far too time consuming for me to continue in that manner.  That is not to say I won't continue to make available work by authors who say I can, but I'm going to need to find a new method of delivery, likely a simple web page with links for you to download.  All files are iTunes ready and already tagged, but I need to figure out the best way for me to make them available to those of you who want them.

That said, check out Robst's stuff, and watch for Audio Fan-Fic updates.

Harry Crow -

--Prongs on 21 Oct 2011 3:04
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