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Reviews For The Coward
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Reviewer: Prongs Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Dec 2009 1:31 Title: The Coward


Reviewer: BenRG Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Dec 2009 5:01 Title: The Coward

Interesting thoughts.  To me, Snape's greatest condemnation is that he trusted Dumbledore so much that he was a willing participant in turning Harry into what was morally equivalent to a suicide bomber.  If he had any kind of conscience and morals, he would have told Dumbledore that he preferred Azkaban to doing this to Lily's son.

FWIW: I've always considered his final act of giving Harry his memories to have two distinct motives:

  1. He wanted Harry to have the information that he had that he needed to win the war;
  2. He wanted to justify his actions in the hope that Harry would posthumously give him the redemption that he never had the courage to seek in life.

In the end, he wasn't evil.  He just lacked the courage to be good and thus ended up like all the other automaton pawns of Dumbledore (like McGonnagall and the Weasleys) - mindlessly doing the old man's bidding, no matter how ethically questionable, simply because a self-declared "wise old man" insists that it si for the "greater good".

An interesting look at the evolution of the character of Snape nonetheless.

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