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Reviews For What If.....
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Reviewer: Spyglass Signed [Report This]
Date: 18 Apr 2011 3:39 Title: The end is only the beginning

OK... Good. But WHERE IS NC17?!!! Where is sex, rape, tortures... four-letter words, for all things?! Where are these tasty matter?

But like I sayed, everything other is OK.

Reviewer: noreenklose Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26 Jun 2010 23:58 Title: Odd Additions - The Prewitt Twins

Great story!  Rollicking fun, extremely entertaining.  Thank you so much for writing this, I greatly enjoyed reading it.  Please continue with your writing, you're a great storyteller.





Reviewer: SirDragoonsflight Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 22 Feb 2010 19:56 Title: Life after Hogwarts

Very good story, seems a little rushed there athe end but overall pretty good.

Author's Response: By the end the muse had pretty much pointed to nothing but plots that had either been done WAY TOO MUCH, or in ways that would only be pretty much and exact copy, so I just ended it.

Reviewer: LDA Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Aug 2009 11:07 Title: Odd Additions - The Prewitt Twins

oh man nice to see you back again and very nice cap to end off this great fic.

Reviewer: MartinDeShade Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Aug 2009 21:42 Title: The end is only the beginning

It's a good story.  I seem to remember a different story that was very similar except Riddle lived, but maybe you are rewriting your work.

I noticed a lot problems with chapter 10.  Hermione was already tested for being a witch.  And having your children homeschooled seems a bit extreme just for a couple bullies in what felt the first week of classes.  I would suggest a rewrite of 10 on except without a protaganist the story is just in a long epilogue.


Author's Response: I'll check 10 again, but as for the other stuff, it's mostly a "what if no big bad guy was around" story.  Harry tried to "save" Tom, but this was my attempt at a "slightly, if not totally, evil/dark, Dumbledore", as I have him trying to create another dark lord he could then vanquish.  As for the issue with home school, most magical children are home schooled, so they can not only learn the basics (reading, writing, math, and so on), but also be introduced to the magical world early.  This way, Hermione wasn't as "WOW" as before.  Other than that, it was mostly just a rabid little bunny that wouldn't go away, so I wrote it.  As for the story where Tom lived, you may be thinking of the series by "Dobby Elf Lord" (I'll see if I can find the story names and the links).

Reviewer: Treck Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Aug 2009 19:04 Title: Odd Additions - The Prewitt Twins


I wonder where this was hiding. I thought I had read all your stuff and you surprised me with this gem. I think that if you want to you can lower the rating to PG-13 as there wasn't anything all that bad in it. (Pouts)

The only naging question that I had after reading it in one sitting was what became of Narcissa and why Harry didn't disband house Malfoy after the duel like James did to Umbitch.

Whats next?

Author's Response: I'll consider the rating thing, and I'm going to be re-reading all of my stuff that has "plot bunnies" which may apply, so who knows, right?

Reviewer: Biohazard82 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 30 Nov 2008 4:06 Title: Life after Hogwarts

Great story!

Reviewer: blackruby Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 27 Nov 2008 14:15 Title: Life after Hogwarts

like the way it went but I do wish you had went more into it but it doesn't matter it was good anyway

Reviewer: huskerfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Nov 2008 21:23 Title: Life after Hogwarts

A very good story, but did Lily and James ever figure out Harry was the headmaster?

Author's Response: Let's just say that's up to you.  It wasn't integral to the plot, so knowing what they did was "enough for them", and they didn't push.  Also, Harry made that comment in the head office, but he also stated that he would only remember his first 18 years in the first timeline, unless "needed" to protect himself and his family.  As I didn't bring that threat into play, he never did, so he couldn't confirm or deny, as he didn't know.

Reviewer: firemane78 Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 Nov 2008 14:15 Title: Life after Hogwarts

Nice clean ending.  Not a lot of drama but as you said, there was not a lot left for you to do without inventing a new bad guy.  I take my hat off to you for actually finishing it versus leaving it abandoned.

 The one thing you coudl have done was have fun with the angst of finding, selecting, courting, etc the 7 wives.

Reviewer: LDA Signed [Report This]
Date: 19 Nov 2008 22:01 Title: Life after Hogwarts

Loved it, I guess I can't even rant that it ended to fast since there was no big bad nor anything to really challenge Harry or his girls so it ended on a high with a smile so it's all good... I gotta say thanks for writing it though entertaining till the end.

Reviewer: erik Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 14 Nov 2008 14:44 Title: More family and more trouble

Another great chapter, thanks.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10 Nov 2008 15:55 Title: More family and more trouble

Another great chapter mate, loving the story and how it is going, I can't wait to see what happens next and to see what you have planned next, please keep up the great work.

The fool Malfoy Jr. think he can kill Harry, what a fool.

Oh I like both Harry and Hermione is in Ravenclaw.

Oh I like that Draco has been suspended until the spring term, from Hogwarts.

Oh I love that Harry has got a sister now, :D

Is Draco a fool or something to challenge Harry to a duel to the death, what was he thinking? At least Harry didn't kill him, but instead using the Praedia Baellica and taking everything from the Malfoys - even Draco's magic.

PLEASE update soon.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10 Nov 2008 15:32 Title: Shopping and surprises

Another great chapter mate, loving the story and I can't wait to read more, and find out what you have planned next, please keep up the great work.

I like how Harry reacted when he found out that he needed to have seven wives, great work.

I like what happened when Harry and Hedwig met up again. Oh the fool Lucius kidnapped Harry, the fool didn't know who what he is up against. I like what happened to Peter.

Oh I love how Harry and Neville  talked as one, great work.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09 Nov 2008 21:41 Title: New Friends

Great chapter mate, I love what happened to Umbatch, and to Fudge.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09 Nov 2008 21:04 Title: Starting anew

Another great chapter mate, I’m loving how the story is going and I can’t wait to see what you have planed next, PLEASE keep up the great work mate. I do like the new prophecy that was made, great work there mate.  I like the final letter that Harry sent to his parents, I like it. I REALLY hope that Harry regains his memories, has that would be fun. I do like how you wrote Harry going back in time and won’t remember a lot, great work there. I like how his parents, reacted to the letter. 

I like that Harry has had a better life so far.

I was thinking, I can see Harry with Tonks, why not have Neville with Ginny??

Author's Response: All I'll say is that Harry and Ginny are FRIENDS, nothing more.  It worked for canon because the other female characters weren't developed enough for Ron to date them and have it be believed, so he "had" to end up with Hermione and Harry "had" to end up with Ginny.  This story will be a Harem, and the only thing I'll say is watch for hints, which after Harry is about 6 or 7 years old, get pretty strong in some regards.  As for memories, he has vague memories of his life from 10/31/81 to his 18th birthday, mostly so he understands what happens, and there is no deja-vu aspect to his life, but as I described, it's more like remembering watching a movie or TV show, not having actually been there, which reduces the emotional effect it has on him.  Aside from that, I'm not going too much into the other "ships", aside from mentioning them, and how it affects Harry and those involved with him to a high degree, be it friends, family, or romantically.  Finally, Changes seems to be going strong, so I'm going to focus on it until that plot scampers away to play with Luna's snorkack, then I'll work on other stuff.  Plot bunnies like to show up, play with the author for a bit, then giggle and run, so I'm just going with it.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09 Nov 2008 19:45 Title: Getting Ready

I like that Harry made himself his heir.

Can you PM me to whom is going to be in Harry's heram please.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09 Nov 2008 19:24 Title: Some suspicions are correct

Great chapter mate, so we see that Dumbledore is the one behind Tom and Gellert going evil... and the fool bowed to Harry in a fight.

Author's Response: Grindelwald wasn't really "turned" by APWBD, but he didn't stop it either.  Basically, he stood by and "made the token effort to sway him from the dark", while planning on how he could defeat him later, and gain fame.  As for Tom, is that really a stretch?  And the fight, Dumbles is blind and arrogant, he figured he was beyond match in the world, and suffered for his arrogance.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09 Nov 2008 13:00 Title: Decisions

Great work mate, I like what Harry did to Tom to save his family and what he most do to keep things as they are meant to be... poor Harry.

Reviewer: Dragen Ranger Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08 Nov 2008 14:15 Title: The end is only the beginning

Great start to the story mate, I like that Harry thought back to his past, great work mate.

Oh I LOVE that Harry is going back in time and do what every he likes and the Fates won't stop him, great work mate.

I wonder what he'll do... please keep up the great work.

Reviewer: firemane78 Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Nov 2008 11:46 Title: More family and more trouble

Not bad, but I wander where this one is going...

When will we see Voldie?  What about Harry's harem??

Author's Response: Voldy is gone, remember?  Harry was "sent" back in time, meaning Riddle never became Voldemort.  As for the Harem, he's still VERY young, come on!

Reviewer: Rockcock Signed [Report This]
Date: 03 Nov 2008 4:44 Title: More family and more trouble

Well i must say i enjoyed the story so far quite a lot and you seem to have blend the fastforwarding of the story successfully with the whole plot and another thing is that while i do not ussually enjoy stories that feature lilly james etc (meaning  the "adult " characters) as much as i do those that feature harry and his friends i find myself satisfied and it kinda "fits" very very well and doesn't take things off from the story with the way you have planned and executed the whole thing, also when i started reading the story i said "....ok let see what this time travel story has to give " in a kinda bored tone (sorry about that by the way) beacause there are alot of other stories with the same consept and they have either a royally fucked up plot by the end or are unfinished, abandoned or other such crap.And here comes your story and throws me off balance by having not only sent harry back in time before voldemort but at the time of grindevald and having in store other surprises like having grindevald killed by harry exposing dumbledore for the manipulating prick that he is and getting rid of him early in the story and also getting rid of voldemort early also that 'twist' in the plot of havig harry's older self merge with his younger satisfied my curiosity in the beggining of how you were gonna cover that dual existence and i must say well done  this story has been one suprise after another and i like that there are no tragadies in harry's life so far like losing a loving one or something similar.In my opinion this story if rated has well eearned an 8 an i will explain why not a 10.I believe there are some errors in the story conserning the granger family fist is i belive that i read that they were given explaination about the wizarding world twice in the story and i saw different names of the parents at the first chapters and others at later chapter so thats 1 that is removed and the other 1 that is removed is just to give you a goal to achieve a perfect 10 by trying harder next at least thats what my teacher always told me that even though i had done a good job by giving me a 9 and not a ten they gave me a goal for  to achive 10 next time by trying harder and i have to say it always worked(cheeky buggers the lot of them)

Anyway thats my opinion if i have offended you in any way sorry i didn't mean it 

OH before i forget PLEEEEAAAASE tell me that you have and embarasing end for snape i hate that greasy git no in fact i loath him no in fact AARGG....if i keep going this is going to take all day but i think you get the idea 

OVER and OUT (leaves mumbling about greasy little bastards.......) 

Author's Response:

First, don't worry about Snape, greasy little pricks always get what's coming to them.  Second, I noticed while re-reading the story (I do that some times) that I've got different names for the Grangers and the explanation is there twice, but for now I'm going to work on finishing the story, then I'll go back and post a "beta'd" or "edited/corrected" version.

Glad you like it, and I hope to have another chapter up soon. 

Reviewer: red_jacobson Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 01 Nov 2008 21:33 Title: More family and more trouble

While I'm enjoying the story, I have to question the inclusion of "The Realms" as well as Mate Finding Magic that you mentioned in a previous chapter, because, unfortunately, those two bring to mind the Witches Secret strories, and I would be exceptionally unhappy to see a fairly original story turn into the train wreck of those stories.


I'll still keep reading, because I'm curious to see what happens next.   I have to question something though, when James and Lucius had their confrontation in Diagon Alley, James made a comment about how Lucius was kissing the Minister's arse, and, with Fudge out of office and in Azkaban, don't you think that James would have alerted Mister Patil or whoever the Minister is, to watch out for Malfoy and his money?

Just curious, and I'm looking forward to the next chapters



Author's Response: First, while the idea of "mate seeking magic" was inspired by those stories, it won't turn into that.  Mostly the magic won't cause madness/death, it's more akin to a strong attraction, but does not "change" the witch/wizard to make them "compatible" (example - Hermione is "drawn" to Harry, but he's an arrogant jerk like James was at 11, though doesn't grow out of it, therefore she decides he isn't right and just moves on).  Second, Lucius is a power hungry, bigotted, boot licking ass.  He will brown nose whoever is in the Minister's office, though Patil will simply "play the part" as long as it doesn't cause trouble.  After all, a politician must "press the flesh", but let's say it was a situation where he "offered to fund Patil's re-election war-chest", but being who he is, Patil declined, leaving Lucius to simply suck up and try to curry favor.  Just because his lips are "firmly attached to the Minister's arse", doesn't mean it's doing him any good, right?

Reviewer: Chronos_KenS Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Nov 2008 17:23 Title: More family and more trouble

so far i am enjoying this story, there again i have yet to hate anything you write Prongs

Author's Response: Thanks!  This is a different spin on the "Harry goes back in time planning to change things" story, as I don't think I've seen one where he didn't plan to do it, but was offered that as an option, and the other stuff I've done here.  Hope to have the next chapter up soon, but real life is interfering a lot right now.  Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: 77draco Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Nov 2008 7:32 Title: More family and more trouble

Someone finally took malfoy out early, still a great story

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