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Reviewer: Alorkin Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Jul 2009 23:22 Title: First year up to Christmas Hols

A nicely begun story.  I recall reading a fic by the same name on Portkey, that ended in a much diffferent manner.  That was a tragedy, where this is an adventure.

I am also working on a re-do that has Harry returning to a past body, and deciding to alter as much as possible.  Never fear, though, my fic is set for fourth through seventh years.

I'm quite honestly surprised, that after learning of Malfoy's crimes, Harry didn't simply arrange a little 'accident' for him.

While getting strupid drunk and moping, is well within Harry's canon personality, it was rather counterproductive.  Being a combat vet myself, and having buried my wife and our unborn son, I can fully understand how Harry feels.

As always, Ron's lip get's him into major trouble.  Personally, I think Harry's brand of justice is perfectly executed.  It does no lasting harm and gives him an exclusive into the life of one Harry James Potter.  Harry's decision to use the spell on himself is actually well reasoned and deliberate.  The only two stories I'm familiar that have a similar decision are: 'Like Some Old Song You Can't Unlearn', on Ficwad and 'Parallels' on FF.n.  

The Spell as Deus ex Machina, does need some work, though.  I cannot see how a spell designed for mentally teaching someone in a short time, could possibly send a person'e memories to a different place in time.  Oh well.  It worked.  

Interesting how such minor decisions and events can affect everything else. (Heisenberg Principle here!) 

This story has a great deal of promise.  To that end, I have added it to my alerts list and hope to read more at your convenience.



Author's Response:

First, to the combat vet, I simply say thank you!  To quote a t-shirt I recently purchased, "Those who serve deserve, honor, respect, and thanks!".

Second, the spell, or "deus ex machina" device, is done as one that is meant to teach "others", but when aimed "inward", has unexpected results, most often death, but if sufficient power is available, actual time travel.

Finally, do you have a link to the ficwad and ff.n stories?  I'd love to read them.


Reviewer: Teufel Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Jul 2009 5:54 Title: First year up to Christmas Hols


How did Harry get the Cloak of Invisibility when it was in Dumbledore's possesstion?

And I didn't fully get the scar Horcrux thing ... who was that celtic witch and what is her role 2 years later??

Author's Response:

The cloak, with Dumbles not being as "supportive" as in canon, let's call it the Goblins either reclaiming the heirloom or convincing him to return it, as of course, the Goblins are not at all reluctant to extract their "pound of flesh" when a debt is owed, or what have you.

As for the scar/horcrux, I'm basically ignoring the pairings and end of canon, but the basic plot is still there.  Horcruxes as the way to stave off death, and Harry as one.  The Celtic Priestess, not being a "proper witch" as the Ministry would call her, knows about soul, blood, sex, whatever, magic, and was able to remove the bit of Moldyshorts' soul from Harry without him having to survive another AK from the prick.  Thus, all of the "soul jars" are truly gone prior to the confrontation at the end of first year.  From here out, canon is right out the window, save maybe a few "minor" points, but not much more.  I'm going to "gloss over" most of the 2nd through 7th year, though 7th may play more as Harry will be "of age" and all.  As for the "H/Hr" pairing, that may or may not pan out.  Harry never really had a relationship with her, as she was killed early on in the dating, and despite the physical differences, she is very much like Lily, just as Ginny (save for the eyes) could be Lily's twin.  So, over the next six years, will they become a couple, date and split as friends, decide they are better off as just friends without dating?  Well, we'll see, won't we? 

Reviewer: amgeist Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 24 Jul 2009 2:24 Title: First year up to Christmas Hols

I have read a lot of "do over" fan fics. but sofar this one is going realy good.  Please update ASAP!!!!!

Reviewer: trongod Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Jun 2009 6:57 Title: First year up to Christmas Hols

Really interesting start; I hope to read more soon.

You have a different slant on the return-to-the-past storyline that I would like to see more of.

Reviewer: thekev Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12 Mar 2009 15:26 Title: First year up to Christmas Hols

great chapter

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