Ginny's Burden by Ginny
Summary: Ginny has a secret, but after seeing Harry's broken body in the Great Hall, flees the castle.
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Chapter 1 by Ginny
“No!” Ginny’s cries were drowned out as her mother hurled the Sectumsempera, which she had heard Harry use minutes before, toward the death eater who had cast the Avada Kedavara at Ginny. Harry, in his final act of devotion to the girl he loved more than the word love could describe, had flung himself in the line of the beam of light that emanated from Lucius Malfoy’s wand.

Blood poured from the gaping canyon that had been Lucius’s torso. He twitched and gurgled a moment, and was at last still. Seeing this, the other death eaters stopped what they were doing. Some turned and apparated from the place, as the wards that once prevented this were as crumbled as the walls of the castle themselves. They had not survived the siege of Lord Voldemort and his followers.

Ginny, in a state shock, turned back to look at Fred Weasley, whose lifeless body lay but feet from where Harry Potter, the boy she loved, the boy who lived, had died. Not knowing what she was doing, tears streaming down her face she turned and with a loud crack vanished.

Kreacher, who had watched from afar apparated too, not knowing where he was going, only that he was going to his mistress, Ginny Potter.

The previous days flooded back into Ginny’s memory. Just two days ago Harry was at the end of the journey that had kept them apart. They had spent the night together and had bound their souls. They wanted to be joined together before they faced the most treacherous of battles, the one which would end Voldemort once and for all.

She had trembled, and he kissed her, then wrapped her in the security of his embrace and there, deep within the castle they had called home for the last six and seven years, they expressed their love for each other in the purest of ways.

It was much a surprise to Ginny that she had ended up in Godrick’s Hollow. She knelt at the graves of Harry’s parents and the tears began to flow.

“I am so sorry. It’s all my fault. You both died to save him and he died to save me. Because of me, your sacrifice was for nothing.”

Through her sobs, she conjured two white roses, and laid one on at each of the graves. Kreacher, who was hiding behind another tombstone, watched his new master, recalling his last interaction with Harry.

“If anything happens to me, look after Ginny for me, please, and give her this.”

He had charged the house-elf with the care of an envelope.

Kreacher knew that now was too soon to give the girl the letter. She was still in too much shock to deal with the contents.

Back at Hogwarts, students, teachers and others cleaned up the mess. St. Mungo’s was now busy with the more serious casualties. The Aurors were rounding up the death eaters and transporting them to the ministry.

Hagrid and the Weasleys were seeing to the burials of those who had lost their lives. Everyone worked in silence. It seemed that no one could speak.

The next morning, as the sun rose over the shambles of the castle, Minerva McGonagall and Kingsley Shacklebolt surveyed the damage, and were surprised to see that in the night, the magical creatures of the Forbidden Forest had come to offer their assistance, and had taken up what tasks they could.

The house elves now bustled about in the kitchen, preparing food for those who remained. Minerva had tried to send the students home, but they hadn’t listened, and continued to clean and repair the castle.

Kingsley realized that he should be getting back to the Ministry of Magic, and found himself escorted by Percy Weasley. At first, Kingsley thought that Percy was back to the man he had been for months, but then he realized that the boy wanted only to find his sister.

Meanwhile, Ginny was awakened by the sunlight streaming across her face. It took her a few moments to realize that she was curled up in a corner of the Potter Cottage. In the night, someone had covered her with a blanket, a small blue blanket with Harry’s initials and a scorch mark. Ginny folded it neatly, shrunk it, and put it in her pocket.

She turned and apparated again, this time landing in the Leaky Cauldron. She thought of all the times she and Harry had spent together here and in Diagon Alley, which lay just beyond.

Hagrid knelt down to pick up Harry’s lifeless form. Through his tears, he didn’t notice that the boy who lived stirred slightly in his arms, but Mrs. Weasley did and she stopped the tender half-giant and called for Minerva.

“He moved! I saw it. I swear I saw it Minerva!”

“This is nonsense, Molly. No one can survive the killing curse.”

“But Harry can. He did, twice in fact!”

Minerva called for a healer from St. Mungo’s, thinking the night had been too much for poor Molly Weasley, when she, too, saw Potter move.

Percy Weasely found no sign of his sister. He didn’t really know where to look, but Ginny was his sister and he needed to know she was safe. His mother had assumed she had gone home to the Burrow to rest and mourn, but he wasn’t so sure.

He had asked the Aurors he knew to alert him at once if there was any sign of Ginny, and all agreed. More than a few Aurors were in the Order, and had grown quite fond of the Weasley children, particularly Ginny, whom Harry clearly cared for.

Ginny spotted the Aurors as they came toward her, and she apparated again, this time to the home of Andromeda Tonks. Mrs. Tonks seemed to know she was coming, and opened the door before she could even knock.

“Mrs. Tonks, may I please see Teddy?”

Mrs. Tonks led her to the room where the baby slept and didn’t make a sound when the battleworn girl picked up the baby boy. Instead, she left the room and went to make the girl some tea.

She returned with two steaming cups, and found that the girl had fallen asleep in the rocking chair, and Teddy slumbered quietly in her arms. She didn’t notice the house-elf who quietly watched from the room’s darkest corner.

Ron and Hermione hadn’t left Harry’s bedside. The healers had tried to insist that he needed rest and still was not out of the woods, but his faithful companions simply wouldn’t leave.

Mrs.Weasley had become quite hysterical upon realizing that Harry was still alive, as they had just buried her son moments before. Mr. Weasley took her home and to give her a dreamless sleep draught, but she noticed that the clock still had ten hands. Many of the hands pointed to work, but hers, Aurthur’s and Ginny’s pointed to home.

“Ginny!” She began racing about the home looking for her little girl. Arthur noticed that Fred’s hand had disappeared and the one that replaced it, labeled Harry, pointed to mortal peril. Too tired and preoccupied to figure out why Harry’s name now appeared on the clock, he began to help his wife look for their only daughter.

Hagrid had finished burying the bodies of those who had lost their lives.

The Great Hall, which had been repaired, now found itself filled with students, teachers, and others as they dined together, side by side at tables no longer segregating the houses. The house banners were gone, replaced by black banners to mourn the loss of life.

The Aurors sent word that they had seen Ginny, and besides the shock, she seemed all right, but when they approached her, she apparated.

What is she thinking? She’s not even 17 yet. How does she even know how? Percy pondered the point, but finding no solution, he decided on another way of going about things.

Quickly, he bounded through the halls of the Ministry. He wasn’t sure exactly how to get where he wanted to go, but he figured that the department responsible for the punishment of witches and wizards using underage magic would be able to help. He was sure of it. They had to be able to help him find his baby sister.

Despite Andromeda’s best efforts to be silent and not disturb the woman and child, Ginny woke to find the older woman staring at her, though she could barely tell through her tear-filled eyes.

Andromeda offered Ginny the cup of tea, which she had warmed with her wand.

The women stared into each others eyes, boring deep into their souls, before Andromeda broke the silence.

“Remus and Dora?” Her voice was hushed and breaking.

Ginny simply sobbed in response.

“Who else? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?”

Ginny nodded slightly. “And Harry.”

Andromeda was taken aback. The-Boy-Who-Lived! It couldn’t be!

Ginny sobbed silently into Teddy’s chest. He was Harry’s godson, though Harry had never met him, and that meant that he was her godson, too.

“You’re hurt.” Andromeda was staring at a gash on Ginny’s forehead.

“It’s nothing. Lots of people got worse.” Much worse, she thought.

Andromeda stood, taking a piece of parchment and an envelope and writing a note that she offered to a barn owl.

Arthur and Molly Weasley were in the kitchen of their home. Arthur finally forced a bit of sleeping potion down his wife’s throat. They had searched the home four times and hadn’t found Ginny. Arthur noticed one of the hands moved to traveling before moving to home as Percy appeared.

“Father, some Aurors spotted Ginny at the Leaky Cauldron, but she apparated before they could bring her back. They said she looked okay, just upset.”

Arthur nodded. What he didn’t realize was that Percy had been to the Department of Underage Magic, where he had learned that Ginny had lost the trace almost a year early.

At Hogwarts, no one noticed that a statue had appeared outside the castle. The marble statue depicted a werewolf pair, a dog, a stag, and a doe, with an owl perched on her shoulder and a phoenix overlooking the lot. The shield of Hogwarts was on the base, which bore the inscription “This statue is dedicated to the memory of those who passed in protection of our beloved Hogwarts, and to The-Boy-Who-Loved, who saved us all.”

A healer came straightaway from St. Mungos to see Ginny. After a number of diagnosing charms, Ginny was pronounced in perfect health, and her son was, too.

Puzzled, Ginny tried to correct the healer, Teddy wasn’t her son.

“No, the son you’re carrying.”

Ginny dropped back into the chair.

Son, I’m carrying? Harry’s son! He’ll never know his father.

Ginny started to sob once more.

“Now, now, dear. It’ll be alright. You can stay here for as long as you’d like.”

Kreacher, who still hadn’t been noticed, walked up to her. He hoped the letter he held would cheer her.

“Mistress Potter. Mistress Potter, Master Harry gave me this to give to you.”

Andromeda turned to see Kreacher, before she could processed what he’d said, but upon realizing that he’d called Ginny Mistress Potter, not Mistress Weasley, she whirled back to face the girl, who was staring at the envelope.

Ron and Hermione returned to Hogwarts to share the news. So far, no one else had died, though a few were still not expected to live. Harry was among them.

Many of the people had been discharged from St. Mungos.

Headmistress McGonagall seemed pleased.

George relayed that Ginny still hadn’t been found, though she had been sighted and seemed to be okay, but Hermiione wasn’t paying attention. She had seen Hagrid come into the Great Hall and go straight to McGonagall. He hadn’t waved or stopped to see how Harry was doing.

McGonagall and Hagrid left the room and Hermione tugged at Ron to follow. The professors stopped at the edge of the Forbidden Forest before the statue. They didn’t notice Ron and Hermione come up behind them.

“We must have it removed immediately, Hagrid. It could be cursed.”

“It’s not, Professor.”

The professors whirled about to see Hermione.

“Did you put this here, Miss Granger?”

“No Professor.”

“Then you can’t know”

“It’s Ginny.”

“How do you know this?”

“She’s in love with Harry, Professor.”

“Yes, I’m sure everyone is quite aware of that fact, Miss Granger.”

“She apparated before we knew that Harry was alive. She thinks he’s dead.”

McGonagall looked from Hermione and Ron back to the statue.

“I still don’t see how”

“Here professor, read the inscription again.”

The professor looked back at the statue and pulled out her wand. She waved the wand and the inscription changed for a moment before changing back.

“It’s not a mistake professor.”

A light shone in Professor McGonagall’s eyes. She realized what Hermione was saying.

“We should help look for her” Hermione suggested to Ron, who nodded and walked back to the castle.

Much of the minor repair work had been completed, and contractors were to be here tomorrow to make further repairs.

At the castle a few minutes later, Professor McGonagall was trying to help.

“May I have everyone’s attention please? Thank you. One of our students is missing. She hasn’t been seen in several hours and is certainly not in a condition to be alone at this moment. Hogwarts is well on its way to the restoration of its walls, and I credit you all with a display of fellowship as well. Anyone interested in helping to find this lost girl, please find a professor. Thank you all for everything you have done here these past few days.”

Ron and Hermione were overwhelmed by what they saw. In an instant, not one, not 10 but the mass of people swelled around the head table to see how they could help, Draco Malfoy and his mother Narcissa were among them.

Harry’s fever surged. He was getting worse, not better and the Healers didn’t know how to help him.

Ginny opened the letter, and as she pulled it out, a small metallic object fell to the floor.

She ignored it as she unfolded the letter.

“My Dear Ginny Potter,

I’m writing this as I watch you sleep. I hope there is no need for this, but if you are reading it, then I’m gone, and I’m sorry, Ginny. I never wanted to hurt you. I love you more than I ever thought possible.

I’ve asked Kreacher to look after you, and the Potter and Black fortunes are yours.

I meant to give you this tonight, but it just didn’t feel right, not until Voldemort is gone. I found this in my vault the last time I was at Gringott’s. It was Mum’s ring. Now it belongs to you, the new Mrs. Potter.

I’ll always love you.



Kreacher had picked up the ring and proffered it to his Mistress who slipped it on her finger.

Hogwarts students were now scouring the country for their lost friend. One by one they checked in, none having seen her.

George had apparated home and told his parents and brother of what the students were doing.

“Don’t worry, Mum. We’ll find Ginny.” His mother stirred quietly in her sleep.

Four months later, all but a few death eaters had been rounded up, and the ones who remained weren’t a major threat.

School had started again at Hogwarts. The sense of camaraderie was strong than ever, even between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Ron and Hermione returned to Hogwarts with special permission from the Minister of Magic. They were now Head Boy and Girl.

The Tri Wizard’s championship, which was supposed to have taken place the previous year commenced at Durmstrang.

Neville now lived in Hogsmeade to be close to Luna Lovegood, and was helping Professor Sprout refill the greenhouses which had been destroyed in the final battle against Voldemort.

George reopened Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, which was now an even greater success than before. Percy and Arthur had returned to the ministry after taking some time off to look for Ginny, who still hadn’t been found.

The search for her had been all but given up, and her name had been added to the list of Casualties of the War.

Draco continued to search for her, unbeknownst to everyone. He wasn’t sure why, but he just couldn’t give the search up.

Harry’s condition hadn’t improved, but neither had it deteriorated any further. Neville and Luna visited him every time they visited the Longbottoms, who had regained some faculties, however minimal.

It was a warm day in May that Ginny Potter was spotted again. She was now very visibly pregnant, and knew that she should find a place for she and her son to live. Andromeda had been kind long enough.

Andromeda didn’t want Ginny to leave. They had grown to be close friends, and Teddy adored her. She realized that in spite of Ginny’s maturity and the path her life had taken, Ginny was only a girl.

Ginny had gone to Diagon Alley. She needed some things for the baby, and wanted to be ready for when he was born.

Her first stop was Gringotts, where she went to Harry’s vault to get some money.

Harry’s vault, not mine she thought.

Next she stopped in the post office to send an owl to her family.

“Dear Mum and Dad,

I wanted you to know that I’m okay. I’m not coming home, I just didn’t want you to worry. I love you all.


Next, Ginny went into a store to buy some furniture for the nursery. It was going into that store that Draco spotted her.

She looks just like a Weasley, but she couldn’t be pregnant, he thought. Nonetheless, he followed the girl into the store and when he heard her talk, there was no doubt in his mind.

Ginny caught sight of the familiar white-blond hair and turned to see Draco Malfoy. Before he had the opportunity to make one of his snide remarks, Ginny fled to the street.

Malfoy, who had never had any intention of harming the girl or making any remark, ran after her. Because she had run rather than apparate, which she was more than a little nervous to do now that she was so pregnant, and because her protruding belly prevented her from doing more than waddle, he caught up to her.

“Ginny. Ginny, wait.” He grabbed hold of her shoulder.

Great, what do I say? Do I tell her about Potter?

“What, Malfoy? Come to finish what your father started?”

He was taken aback.

“What? No! Never! We’ve been looking for you for months.”

“Congratulations, you found me. Now, would you mind unfinding me? I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.”

He looked down at her belly.


“Mind your own business Malfoy!” She grimaced as the baby kicked her.

“Here,” he said, pulling her to a bench, “sit down.”

Ginny was taken aback. Why is he being so nice to me? Feeling guilty (and hormonal) she began to cry.

“Why are you being so nice to me? Your family hates mine. We’re blood traitors. Your father killed my husband.”

“Killed? Your husband? Potter is your husband? But you’re just a kid?”

“I am not. We were soul bound.”

“Ohhh, that’s why the trace was gone. Your brother Percy tried to. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Come on, come with me.”

He started to apparate, but she pulled away.

“What’s wrong?”


“You don’t trust me. No, it’s not that.”

Weird, it really isn’t that, she thought.

“What is it then?” He was trying not to get impatient. He’d always hated to see a girl crying, and he’d heard rumors that when a girl was pregnant, that was an easy thing to cause.

“Can’t we go another way?”

Draco looked at the girl for a moment, perplexed, before it occurred to him why she didn’t apparate.

“You’re afraid of splitting.”

Ginny bowed her head. Draco had never noticed the innocence of the girl before. He had to admit, he found it intriguing. She had never seemed vulnerable in their time at Hogwarts.

“Come on then, you’ve got a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it, and I’ve just added something to the list.” He picked up her hand and started to lead her, wondering if he was doing the right thing.

“So, what was it that you needed to do today anyway?”

“Oh, umm. I just. I just wanted to get things set up for Harry.”


“The baby. It’s a boy. I’m going to name him after his father.”

“Where are you living?”

“Why do you care Malfoy?”

“I…I dunno. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. You can just say so, you don’t have to be rude.”

“I…My family…they don’t, I mean I don’t want.”

“You don’t want them to know you and Potter eloped and that you’re carrying the last of them?”

Ginny turned away from him, trying to hide that she was, once again, crying. Draco, looking thoroughly disgusted, sighed and pulled her toward him so that she could cry on his shoulder.

“Listen, there’s a fireplace in my bedroom that’s connected to the flue network. If you ever need anything, even just to talk, the flue is always open.”

Looking at Draco, she could see he meant it and nodded.

He opted not to take her to see Harry. He didn’t think she’d want to see him like that. He knew he wouldn’t. He’d been to see Potter whom he’d never really cared for… in fact that had despised each other and even he was unsettled by Potter’s appearance.

Over the next two months, Draco and Ginny saw a great deal of each other. True to his word, he was there for Ginny when she needed to talk. Over time, they built a close friendship.

Ginny went into labor and Andromeda came to help with the delivery while Draco watched Teddy. Everyone was surprised, once the boy had been cleaned off, to find that he had a small birthmark in the shape of a lightning bolt over his eye.

Andromeda was worried about Ginny, who had had a difficult birth, and stayed, and obligingly, Draco stayed to watch over Teddy. Ginny had fallen to sleep cradling her son.

When Ginny hadn’t seemed to recover any of her strength by the end of the week, Andromeda and Draco apparated mother and child to St. Mungo’s.

None of the Weasleys had noticed that a new hand had appeared on the clock or that Ginny’s had moved to Mortal Peril. In fact, no one had looked on the clock in a great many months, as it only caused a stab of pain in their hearts.

Hermione had been the one to notice something was off, and she called for a healer at once. Harry was stirring. She wasn’t sure whether he was dying or coming back to life.

As the healer ushered her out of the room to check him, Hermione thought for a moment, then apparated to the Burrow.

“Come quickly. Something’s going on with Harry!” Everyone stopped what they were doing, and the house echoed with cracks as everyone apparated to St. Mungo’s

One Weasley had remained behind, Ron. Of course Ron, who else. He took Hermione’s hand and told her to apparate to the gates of Hogwarts.

“We have to tell Hagrid!”

She knew he was right. They were surprised to find Hagrid meeting them at the gates. Hermione sent her patronus anyway, to McGonagall’s office to share the news with her.

“All righ’ there Ron, ‘ermione?”

“Come with us to St. Mungo’s. Something’s going on with Harry.”

Each grabbed a hand of the half-giant, and together the three apparated.

The healers quickly took Ginny and Harry to a room in the Non-Magical Maladies wing, which was newly constructed. Leaving the healers to work, he began to wander the halls, trying to find the source of confusion.

Hermione caught sight of Draco.

“Mallfoy. What are you doing here?”

“Visiting a friend in the Non-Magical Maladies Ward, and you, Granger?”

“Like I’d tell you!”

“Something to do with Potter, then.” His suspicions were confirmed.

“This is the Spell Damage Floor, Non-Magical Maladies isn’t even in this building.”


“So what are you doing here?”

“I saw a lot of familiar faces and wondered what was up.”

“Just leave Harry alone. He’s only just woken up.”

“Then I should visit him.”

“To finish what your father started?”

“No, I just think he’ll want to see me.”

“Nobody wants to see you Malfoy.”

Hagrid, hearing the commotion, came over to check on Hermione, and as he saw Draco, he sneered.

“Ge’ outta here Malfoy, before I put you ou’!”

Draco didn’t move, and before he knew it, the half-giant had picked him up and actually was!

“Non-Magical Maladies, Hagrid!” Hermione called after him.

Hagrid caught sight of red hair as he dropped Draco at the heart of the ward.

Couldn’ be he thought to himself, but upon closer inspection, he found it was!

He ran back to Professor McGonagall, panting at the exertion.

“Professor. Professor!”

She looked at him disdainfully, as he was interrupting her conversation with Kingsley Shackleford.

“Professor! Ginny Weasley is ‘ere!”

“Then she should see Potter at once!”

“Professor, she’s a patient here, and very ill.”

McGonagall was surprised to find that the voice of concern came from the mouth of Draco Malfoy.

“They perhaps they should room together!”

“She doesn’t know he’s alive.”

Realizing that there was a fair amount she didn’t know, McGonagall eyed the boy, waiting for him to continue.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell her he was alive, but a vegetable.”

“Duh Malfoy, anyone could have told you that you didn’t have the heart.”

That Ginny was at St. Mungo’s was a secret, so naturally everyone knew, and after a few days, Harry was strong enough to get out of his room for a while.

Ginny was whispering to the child and hadn’t noticed that someone was waiting outside her room. They were obscured from each other by a curtain.

“I love you Harry” she whispered.

“And I love you Mrs. Potter.”

Her eyes went wide.


He rushed in to hug the girl and found her holding a baby, a baby who looked just like him.

She scooted over in the bed and he lay down next to his wife and son, the happiest man in the world.

Ginny was crying. “I thought you were dead.”

“Are you that upset that I’m not?” He was dumbfounded.

“No! Harry James Potter how could you say such a thing!”

He shrugged and winced at her weak slap.

When Molly Weasley went searching for Harry and found him lying in bed next to her daughter (who was holding a baby!) she couldn’t help but smile. Still, Ginny wasn’t getting off that easily.

Eleven years later, as young Harry Potter sat on the stool with the sorting hat atop his head, he could only think one thing.

Not Slytherin, Not Slytherin!

“You would do well there, but if you’re sure it’s got to be GRYFFINDOR!”

Minerva McGonagall couldn’t take her eyes off the boy. He was the spitting image of his father and grandfather before him.

As he joined the table she couldn’t help but think another Potter…Heaven help us!
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