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Harry’s Secret

Chapter 1

Instant Fatherhood


Harry Potter had to grow up over the summer. Not because of Voldemort and his Deatheaters and not because he was coming of age in the Wizarding world, but because he got a girl pregnant. The night before Dumbledore picked him up before the start of his sixth year, Jill a nearby neighbor had shown him what sex was. They had done “it” twice that night. She had assured him that she had taken care of “protection” from the very thing that had happened.


After almost a year of extra work and Dumbledore’s death, Harry was not in the mood to deal with his family. So he was surprised that instead of arriving at Privet Drive, they pulled up to Jill’s house. He had gotten a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Uncle Vernon literally pulled him from the car and up to the front door of the house. Jill’s father answered the door. He did not look happy and allowed them in. Harry saw Jill’s mother and Jill sitting in the Drawing room. Jill was holding a baby and Harry knew what had happened.


No tea was offered, just Jill’s father getting straight to the point. “It would seem that you and my daughter got to know each other very well boy. I want to know what you intend to do about it.”


“What do you want me to do? Marry her?”




Harry sighed. He couldn’t and wouldn’t marry Jill. Voldemort would kill her the moment he found out. “I won’t marry him Daddy. I’ve already told you that” stated Jill.


“Then the boy will have to go to a home. I will not have him here any longer!”


A boy! He had a son and they wanted him to go to a home. Over his dead body they would. “I’ll take him.” Every pair of eyes in the room turned to look at Harry.


 Uncle Vernon however had other ideas. “You are not! You are not bringing another FREAK into my home. He’ll go to a home and there is nothing that you can do about it!”


“Do that and you’ll wish that you had never laid eyes on me, let alone being born! One night in your house that’s all then we’ll leave.” Jill’s mother had left the room and returned with a baby carrier and a diaper bag.


“I named him Michael and he was born on April 21st” said Jill handing over the baby to Harry. Michael looked a great deal like Harry, messy black hair and vibrant green eyes. The little imp smiled up at him and Harry lost his heart. Jill showed him how to fasten the carrier once the baby was in it. Then grabbing the carrier and the diaper bag he walked out the door and got into the car and into a new life.


The ride to the house was quiet and filled with tension. Uncle Vernon looked like a volcano waiting to erupt. As soon as the car stopped Harry had his son upstairs in his room. He quickly returned to grab his trunk and Hedwig and her cage before his uncle could destroy them. Once in his room his Uncle took great delight in locking them in.


For now the baby was asleep but Harry didn’t know how long that would last. He had never been around a baby before. He needed help but really didn’t want any of this to be known. His son’s life would be in more danger if word got out about him. Harry knew that Mrs. Weasley would help but he didn’t want to experience her disappointment in him. Hermione also would help, but probably had no practical experience. She would need to read every book on child care before hand. Ron would just explode. Moony would help, but couldn’t be around for the full moon. Harry didn’t know too many of the other Order members to ask. This was his problem and responsibility. He was going to have to do this on his own and keep it as quiet as possible because ‘The Savior of the Wizarding World’ is not supposed to be an unwed father at sixteen.


All of this thinking was making him hungry and Harry knew that his aunt would not feed him tonight. Then an idea came to him.


“Dobby?” A crack sounded in the room causing Michael to jump, but he remained asleep.


“What can Dobby do for Harry Potter” asked the elf.


“I hate to ask, but can you bring me something to eat and drink? I was locked in before I could get anything.”


“Dobby will return as soon as possible with dinner for Harry Potter.” A crack sounded as the elf left. Harry changed clothes, took out his money bag, and shrunk his trunk down using wandless magic that he had been practicing in private. No one knew how much he could do without his wand. It was something that might save his life later if no one knew. He checked the diaper bag and found that there were three outfits, wipes, nappies, a couple of light weight blankets, a can of formula, and four bottles filled with water. That was all. He was going to need more and soon.


Dobby returned with a plate of roast beef, potatoes, gravy, green beans, and chocolate cake for dessert. A pitcher of pumpkin juice and a goblet appeared beside the plate. As Harry ate Dobby straightened the room. He then noticed the baby.


“Harry Potter sir? Is this little one yours?”


“Yeah Dobby, he’s my son. His name is Michael.”


“Such a surprise. Where is the mother?”


“The mother doesn’t want to or will not keep him.”


“That is such a shame. Would Harry Potter like Dobby’s help in taking care of little baby Potter?”


Harry stared at the elf. He wondered why he didn’t think of that earlier. “I would like that very much. I don’t have much experience with babies. Can you leave Hogwarts or are you bound to it?”


“Dobby is still free and is not getting paid since the Headmaster died.”


“Would you like to work for me? I can pay you something.”


“Harry Potter is the most generous wizard in the world. Dobby would be very happy working for Harry Potter.” Just then Michael let out a whimper that turned into a cry. Wet and hungry, he was letting everyone know that he was not comfortable. Dobby gave Harry his first lesson in baby changing and bottle feeding. After that was done Harry took a good look at his son, checking all his fingers and toes. He watched as the baby yawned and fell asleep in his arms.


“Dobby can you come and wake me up before sunrise and help me leave, without magic?”


“Dobby will return and wake Harry Potter. Does Harry Potter know where we are going to?”

“Headquarters for now, but no one is to know about Michael or that I am staying there understand?”

“Harry Potter’s secrets are safe with Dobby.” The elf left leaving Harry to cuddle with his son in bed and go to sleep.

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