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                                                   Chapter 1 Transition


It was the eve before Harry’s seventeenth birthday. He was waiting for midnight to arrive so that he could use his magic and leave the Dursleys behind forever.


At eleven o’clock a black raven arrived at his bedroom window with a letter. As Harry opened it he realized how old the letter was. Tears sprang into his eyes as he saw that the letter was from his father, written the day before he died.



     If you are reading this then I must be dead and didn’t get the chance to tell you about what will happen on your seventeenth birthday.

You see you are to receive a special inheritance, not in money or material things, but in yourself. You, my son, are a quarter Vampire and a quarter Dark Veela. You see I, technically, am half and half but I gave it up to marry your mother whom I love more than life itself. I refused to bond with my mate, who shall remain nameless, and chose instead to disinherit myself and marry your mother. She has no idea what I did and frankly I’m afraid to tell her. You, Harry, are the heir to the Vampire Throne, through me. Your great uncle Andrew is acting as Regent until you are of age, but beware of his mate Victoria. If I didn’t know better I’d swear that she was a harpy. Anyway, Andrew will explain thing to you and help you with your transition. If by some chance you don’t want the throne or one of your mates as you may have more than one, and wish to renounce you inheritance, Andrew will understand and help you. I hope that I can watch you grow up into a fine young man but the chances of Voldemort allowing myself or your mother to do that are slim. Remember that we will always love you.


Your Father



Tears ran down Harry’s face as he read the letter again. The raven had remained, watching the young man grieve for his parents, parents that he couldn’t really remember. It was time. The raven flew into the room and slowly transformed into a man that resembled what Harry would look like when he reached middle age. Harry had drawn his wand and kept it pointed, when the raven had flown in and changed into the man.


“Who are you?”


“I finally get to meet you. I haven’t seen you since you were born Harry. I’m Andrew Potter, your great uncle.” Harry’s eyes widened but he remained silent. “You do look like James, except for those eyes. Lily did have beautiful eyes. They are what drew her to James in the first place. You will be the first Lord to have green eyes in over five hundred years.”


Harry found his voice and asked “How do I know you are who you say you are?”


Andrew chuckled and sat down on the desk chair. “Very wise. I believe that your father’s animagus was a stag, the same as your patronus. Also in your letter there, your father called my mate a harpy. Only he ever called her that to her face. Although it does describe her very well.”


Harry grinned. “Well then why couldn’t I have lived with you? And why haven’t I met any of you before? Dumbledore must have known about you.”


“One Lily’s blood protection needed to be used and two my mate would have tried to kill you so that one of our children could take over the throne.”


“Is she really that rotten?”




“Then why don’t you divorce her?”


“When we mate it’s for life and you cannot do any actual harm to your mate. So I’m stuck. Only death or betrayal can release from your mate.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it. Now do you have any questions?”


“Yes, can you explain what will happen to me?”


“To be honest, I’m not quite sure what you will become until it happens or how much pain you will experience. Everyone’s transition is different but I intend to remain during yours. Which should last about two hours.”


“When will it start?”


“At midnight but don’t worry. No one will hear or see what’s going on. Your relatives and the members of the Order have no idea that I am here or that there are some Vampires standing guard outside. And before you ask, they will not attack your friends. They are only here for your protection from Voldemort’s Deatheaters should they attack.” Andrew went on to explain that Harry was the heir to the throne of the Vampires and their Lord. His word was law. Any subject who couldn’t or wouldn’t resolve a disagreement on their own would have him make the final judgment. He also was to judge those who broke their laws and punish those guilty of a crime, be they Vampire or not. His word was law and the Ministry feared that power. His court and castle were located in northern England under several ancient enchantments of protection.


By now it was two minutes to midnight and Harry was getting nervous. When his alarm clock struck midnight, Harry was engulfed in a golden light. He felt his body stretch and expand with very little pain and he seemed to be floating in midair. Suddenly the light was gone and a new Harry stood before his uncle. Andrew had a mirror ready and smiled at him as he handed him the mirror.


Harry saw almost a stranger looking back at him. His eyes had remained emerald in color but his hair had straightened and now reached the middle of his back in length. He had grown to reach the height of six foot four and while he was still on the thin side but his muscles and abs were more toned. His eyesight had improved so much that he didn’t need his glasses anymore. Which in turn caused him great pleasure in breaking them into little pieces.


“Your mate will be drooling.”


“Who is my mate?”


“You’ll know when you meet him or her. Their scent will let you know.”


Harry secretly hoped that it was a girl; he wasn’t really into guys. Andrew had packed his room while he was in transition and had resized an outfit temporally. Harry changed and double checked to make sure that nothing was left behind. He found that his uncle had done a very thorough job.


Just as they were getting ready to leave several cracks sounded, announcing the arrival of the Deatheaters. Sounds of exchanged spellfire could be heard from outside. Without really thinking, Harry ran from the room, down the stairs and outside to help, with his uncle right behind him. He saw one Order member down and two others trying to fight off thirty Deatheaters, including Bellatrix LeStrange and Lucius Malfoy. Harry saw red and started running to help his friends. When much to the Deatheater’s surprise a group of Vampires surrounded and contained them but not before the other two Order members had fallen unconscious.


Harry reached the one that had fallen first. The scent of the person sent his blood boiling, it was so intoxicating. Scents of parchment, ink, and orchids invaded his mind. He instinctively knew that this was his mate. He was shocked when he saw that it was Hermione, his Hermione. He picked her up and cradled her in his arms as if she were made of glass. Andrew came up behind him and asked “What shall we do with all of them, my Lord?”


“Bring the injured Order members to be treated and place the Deatheaters in the dungeons until I can figure out what to do with them. We do have a dungeon don’t we?”


“Yes you do. Who is this?” pointing to the girl in Harry’s arms.


“My best friend and mate.”


“Then let’s get you home” said Andrew grinning and grabbed Harry’s elbow and apparated away.

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