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Chapter 1 Hurt

Chapter 1



Harry Potter woke to an unusual sound, silence. A glance at the clock revealed that it was half past nine in the morning. Never had he been allowed to sleep this late at number 4 Privet Drive. He got up and went to the door and found that it was still locked. “Just my luck” he thought. Suddenly a crash was heard from downstairs, followed by footsteps on the stairs. Harry grabbed his wand, ready to hex the first person who entered his room, pointing it at the door which suddenly burst open. But before Harry could utter a hex or curse a voice that he recognized, asked a question.


“Do you always answer the door in your underwear?”


“Moony, I happened to have been sleeping, not that it’s any of your business. What’s happened since I assume that this isn’t a social call?”


“We can’t talk here, but you do need to hurry and pack for good. We need to get to headquarters as soon as we can, then I can you tell everything that’s happened. Now go get dressed while Tonks and I pack for you.”


Harry grabbed some clothes and headed for the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later he returned to find that everything had been packed into his trunk and some boxes.


“Double check and make sure that we got everything, since we won’t be coming back.”


Harry checked all of his hiding places, grabbing the few things that they had missed and placed them in a waiting box. Together Remus and Tonks shrunk everything and placed it in Tonks’ bag.


“Let’s go” said Tonks for the first time. She led the way back downstairs and out the front door. When Harry and Remus joined her, she took out her wand, pointed it at the house and yelled “Conspicuous Hideous Maximum” and a shower of gold fell over the house. Lupin pulled a muggle calculator and held it out in front of him.


“It’s a portkey” answering Harry’s unspoken question. Harry placed a finger on it as well as Tonks. A minute later he felt the familiar pull around his navel and closed his eyes. Next thing he knew he landed and opened his eyes. He was at Grimmauld Place in the kitchen.


“Wait here for a moment, we’ll be right back.”


Harry quickly made some tea and toast and had just sat down at the table when they returned.


“We put your things in Sirius’ room since that is the Master bedroom and you are the master of the house.” Harry swallowed, blinking back the tears that were forming, trying to keep those feelings buried.


“What’s happened?”


“There have been several Deatheater attacks in the last twenty-four hours. First the Dursley’s were attacked and killed at Vernon’s sister’s house, including Marge. That’s why Tonks sealed their house. Second, the Grangers were attacked and Mr. and Mrs. Granger were killed. Hermione sustained minor injuries. She was treated at St. Mungo’s and then we brought her here. Sit down, there’s more” as Harry stood up. He sat back down to hear the rest, a cold feeling entering his heart. Remus continued “And third the Burrow was attacked and destroyed. Arthur, Molly, Percy, Charlie, and Ron were all killed. Bill, Fleur, and Ginny are here as well. The twins are at their store for now.”


Harry sat there, mouth hanging open, not believing in what he was hearing. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Charlie, Percy the prat, Hermione’s parents, the Dursleys all gone. This cannot be happening. No more talking to Ron about Quidditch, play chess with, tease Hermione with. No more Mr. Weasley asking about some muggle thing he found or Mrs. Weasley fussing over him, cooking those fantastic meals anymore, treating him like a son. He wanted nothing more than to go to his room and cry.


“Who” he asked trying to control his emotions.


“Lucius Malfoy led the attack on the Burrow, Bellatrix LeStrange, on the Grangers, and Wormtail on the Dursleys” Lupin spat last out as if it was a foul thing in his mouth. Harry stood up and started pacing, barely containing his anger.


“I know that you want revenge, but that will have to wait. We need time and opportunity and your friends need you first.”


That phrase is what calmed Harry down more than anything else. Hermione was hurt and Ginny had lost half her family, including her parents. Moony was right Hermione and the Weasley’s needed him. He left the kitchen and headed upstairs. As he reached the landing, a door cracked opened and a blur of red hair hit him, pushing him into the wall. Ginny was crying into his chest, holding on to him for dear life. Harry held on to her, allowing her grief to flow out. A door opened next to Harry. Bill and Fleur stepped out, into the hall. Harry had never seen Bill looking so bad, grief, anger, and almost defeated look in his eyes.


Bill grabbed his sister saying “Come on Ginny; let Harry go, let him at least breathe.” Finally Ginny was pried loose of Harry and latched herself on to Bill, who took her into her room with Fleur following and shut the door. Harry continued down the hall and as he passed Hermione’s room he heard quiet crying from behind the door. Knowing that Hermione need comfort just as much as Ginny, but not having anyone to give it to her, Harry knocked on her door. A muffled “Come in” answered and Harry opened the door and went inside. He saw on the bed, in a tight ball, Hermione. He could see where she had been hurt and been treated. Still crying, she had not even lifted her head to see who was there. Harry’s heart went out to her and before he knew what he was doing, he walked over, picked her up, sat on the bed and held her. As if a flood gate had opened, she started sobbing into his chest, drenching his t-shirt, as he stroked her hair and back.


“I know its hard, Hermione, but you need to calm down, you’ll make yourself sick. Your parents wouldn’t have wanted that, would they?” She just shook her head no, but gradually she started calming down and soon the tears stopped with only an occasional hiccup heard.


“Have you eaten anything?” Again she shook her head no. “If I bring something up here will you eat it?” A very slight yes was heard, but nothing else. Harry stood up and put Hermione back on the bed and left the room going back down into the kitchen. There he made up a tray of sandwiches and pumpkin juice. He carried it back up to Hermione’s room. She hadn’t moved. Placing the tray on the table next to the bed, Harry picked her up again and placed her on his lap, reached over to the tray and grabbed a sandwich and put it under nose. Surprisingly she took it from him and began to nibble at it. Satisfied that she was at least attempting to eat, Harry continued to rub her back. She finished her sandwich and had some juice and settled herself on Harry’s lap, allowing him to comfort and care for her. After an hour Harry realized that she had fallen asleep. He stood and laid her down, covering her with a blanket and left her room. He went into his own room and sat down in a chair. Only then did he allow the tears to fall, the hurt and anger to show on his face for all that had died. It hurt so much. Finally he cried himself to sleep.

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