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Story Notes:
I don’t own Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, or Jenny (If I did, I would made Honest Women of them years ago) They Belong to Joss.
It was all in your honor, G-ManIt was November 1, 1997, and his charges were telling Giles about their experiences the previous night.  In the wake of Ethan’s Halloween prank, the adopted children of Rupert Giles were all changed.  Each one seemed subtlety different; there was a rawness in their demeanor that manifested itself with irritable snappishness.Buffy had always longed for a return to a pre-slayer innocence.  In the wake of the spell Buffy having been a brain-dead aristocrat was more timid than she had been previously.  Willow on the other hand was more assertive.  The Shy redhead’s experience of directing her friends as a ghost had given the girl a taste of authority and she was pondering a change in her outlook.  For Cordelia the queen of the school, coming face to face with the reality of Sunnydale, caused a softening of her normal snarkiness.  It made her seem almost human.Yet the biggest change was in Xander, the affably cheerful boy had developed an edge.  There was also an air of danger about the young man, as well as more than a hint sexual provocativeness that all the ladies seemed to be acutely aware of.   Xander told the group about who he had went as the night previous.  Xander’s choice of costume, (An Army Infantryman from the Korean War Named George) surprised and perplexed his friends.   This was especially so he explained the choice was a homage to Giles.Adding to the strangeness was Xander’s behavior during the spell and afterward too.  The boy had dusted several Vampires (Including Spike), and had beaten a fellow student Larry Blaisedale so badly that the boy was in the hospital with a broken nose and arm.  The Boy also had also been the cause of several girls and women swooning with the vapors.  When Xander had arrived to this meeting each of the girls and much to Gile’s dismay Miss Calander, all had approached the boy to see if he was alright after his Halloween adventure.  The boy’s answer of ‘Virile, Vigorous, and Potent’ had done little to engender sympathy from Giles.“OK, Xander please explain how going to Halloween as him was a homage to me, and why you put Larry in the Hospital.”  Inquired Giles”Well it’s like this G-M…Giles” the boy knew he was in Dutch and did not want to make the situation worse, “the reason I beat Larry so bad, was because of who he went as, the idiot had the temerity to go John Dean from the movie ‘All The President’s Men’.   My Guy does not like John Dean and being a man of very devout beliefs he offered a prayer before he pulped him.”At This Point Buffy asked “What Prayer would be appropriate under the Circumstances?”Through one of his trademarked lopsided grins Xander said, “Oh, Lord for what he’s about to receive, I AM TRULY GRATEFUL.”“But how could going as him, be a homage to me?” reiterated an exasperated Giles.“Well” said Xander “his show is about to come on.  This will explain my choice of costume.”

Then Xander turned on a radio and there was the answer coming over the airwaves, “This is G. Gordon Liddy, known irreverently to some as the G-Man..”

The End 

Chapter End Notes:
I also don’t own ‘All The President’s Men’ (Book or Movie), and I certainly don’t own the G-Man or anyone else mentioned.
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