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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters or situations you recognise. I own the plot and new characters only!

Author's Note: This is my first story, though it's gone through a few changes. Please review, but no flames! Thanks! Enjoy! :D

Harry waved goodbye to his classmates as he slowly followed the Dursleys to their car.  Vernon Dursley hit a button on the car key, and the boot opened with a click. Without saying a word, the Dursleys got into the car, leaving Harry to heave his trunk into the boot by himself. He opened HedwigÕs cage. ÒFly to the DursleyÕs girl, I will open the window when I get there.Ó Hedwig hooted softly and took flight as Harry stowed her cage in the boot as well. With a soft sigh, he clicked it shut and went to sit in the backseat, trying not to touch Dudley, who being the size of a whale, took up ¾ of the space.

The ride home was the time Harry used to assess his relatives. Uncle Vernon had specific facial traits that  showed Harry how to act around him. Right now, Vernon was muttering under his breath about Òfreaks that tell me what to do.Ó His face was alternating between the colors purple, and puce (neither were good colors on Uncle Vernon.) Muttering was a sure sign to stay out of reach, and purple meant Ôdo be quiet.Õ Together, the two traits meant Ôbe invisible.Õ Harry sighed as he glanced out the window. Back to Hell again, he thought, thinking of last summer. Then he had SiriusÕ letters to look forward to, sometimes delivered by tropical birds. Now, he had his friendsÕ letters, but had lost his pseudo-father. He fingered the knife in his pocket. It was the one Sirius gave him for Christmas the previous year. He brought it with him to the Department of Mysteries and the blade was melted from one of the mysterious doors. Nevertheless, it was something physical from Sirius.

He let his mind wander, thinking of last Christmas, and other times with Sirius. Apparently, he drifted off. He was woken abruptly by Dudley yelling his name. Harry realized they were at Privet Drive. As he got out of the car and stretched, he looked up and saw Hedwig perched on a tree limb by his window. He heard a bang and saw the Dursleys were already in the house. The bang must have been the door. He thought as he opened the boot and started lugging his trunk in the house. Welcome Home! He thought sarcastically as the car beeped behind him. Uncle Vernon stared at Harry as he came in the house and up the stairs. No, Harry thought, donÕt offer to help. I donÕt want it anyway. At least it can stay in my room this year. With that lovely thought, he opened his door, and set the trunk at the foot of the bed. Putting HedwigÕs cage on the desk, he discovered a note.


Last summer you slacked off and had done no housework by the time you left. Therefore, this summer you will have a list of chores everyday which must be completed, or you do not get your dinner. You will be expected  to cook breakfast every day. Have it on the table by six AM. If you want a shower, take it before then. There will be no talk, nor evidence of your freakish-ness around the house. There will be guests on and off, and we donÕt want them to know we must board a freak.

Have a NICE summer,
Aunt Petunia (If only I wasnÕt your aunt!)Ó

Harry groaned and threw the paper back on the desk. He returned to his trunk, intent on getting out some clothes when he heard a tap on the window. He crossed the room and opened the window, allowing Hedwig in. ÒSorry girlÓ he said as she pecked him on the ear. ÒI was preoccupied.Ó He dug clothes out of his trunk along with his toiletries and headed to take a shower, hoping the new rules didnÕt count for today.

After his shower he returned to his room, having avoided his relatives all together, and was surprised to see a tawny owl waiting for him with a letter tied to his leg. He removed the letter and fed the owl a few of HedwigÕs owl treats. The owl was apparently told to wait for a reply as it took wing and glided to perch next to Hedwig on the bookshelf.

Harry opened the letter warily, not knowing who sent it, and was grateful he recognized the handwriting.


I know we just saw each other a few hours ago, but there are things that are best said privately; Or written privately as the case may be. I was hoping you would consent to stay at my house for the summer. If so, you would come here on July 5th.

Harry looked at the calendar. Today was June 21st so that means heÕd only be at Privet Drive for a couple weeks, and not for his birthday. He grinned and went back to reading.

There are some things that will surprise you, but I hope you keep an open mind. Please send your reply with Yero either way.

If you choose not to, I will see you after your birthday. There are things you must learn before returning to Hogwarts. DO NOT trust Prof. Dumbledore. He is hiding many important things.

Contact me if you need anything (And I do mean ANYTHING!)

Remus Lupin (Moony)Ó

Harry smiled as he put the letter down. He crossed the room and pet the two owls. ÒYou must be YeroÓ he said to the tawny and received a hoot in response. Crossing back to his desk, he pulled out a muggle ball point pen and a sheet of lined paper.


I would love to stay with you this summer. Anything is better than Privet Drive. I cannot wait to leave this place. DonÕt worry, nothing is actually all that badÉ just boring and tense.  I got your note about the Professor, I had sort of figured that out already, but it is nice to have it confirmed.

Cannot wait until the 5th.

Harry PotterÓ

ÒYero,Ó Harry called, rolling the paper, Òwill you return this please?Ó Yero held out his leg and once the letter was attached, zoomed out the window. Hedwig flew over and perched on HarryÕs desk. ÒGuess what Hedwig,Ó Harry said, scratching the wing joint that he knew irritated her. ÒWe get to leave here in only a couple of weeks. HowÕs that girl?Ó Hedwig hooted at the same time the digital clock beeped. Harry was surprised to see that it was already time for bed. He quickly grabbed the pen and wrote ÒTo MoonyÕsÓ on the 5th of July and changed into pajamas. As he climbed into bed and turned out the light, he smiled to himself. Padfoot and Prongs may be gone, but Moony lives on.


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