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Story Notes:
Everyone this is my first one, so be nice, it's supposed to be a good adventure story, but I'm not used to writing them, so hopefully you enjoy it.

Albus awoke startled by the jerk of the train as it passed the ocean.  He slowly awoke and looked out the window, hoping to see the castle soon.  The ocean below was bright blue and the sun shining brightly.  He looked at his fellow students in his compartment, one looking at him with a large grin on her face.

"You ready for school, Albus," the young girl asked excited. 

"Yeah I guess I am," Albus sighed, unable to decide which he wanted to be; Slytherin or Gryffindor.  Ever since his father told him about Severus being a great Slytherin, he became engrossed with the idea of being a Slytherin.

"Don't worry about it, the hat'll place you where ever you want," Rose said sensing what he was preoccupied with, "We're almost there at least."  Albus looked back out the window and saw the castle in the distance, just a shadow, but still there.  He smiled and became anxious.  What was he going to be?  

Before he could go to put on his robes, he heard the train stop, throwing him backwards into Rose who was sitting in front of him.  He stumbled to his feet and looked back out the window, hoping to see what was going on, without even apologizing to Rose for accidently landing on her.  

What he saw was frightening.  Outside of his window, was filled with bright blue, water, and slowly sinking.  He became aware that water was slowly seeping into the train, slowly going to drown them.  He grabbed Rose and ran out into the aisle of the train.  No one else seemed to know.  What was he going to do?  He wasn't sure if he should try to save himself, or help others.

"Everyone out!" Rose yelled.  No one came.  Albus ran to the next compartment, hoping to find James, but it was empty.  He started to panic and he went to each compartment and looked for others, but there was no one to be found.  He was wasting his precious time, so he headed to the door of the trai, hoping that it hadn't sunk any.  He turned to see Rose running towards him.

Albus grabbed her arm and opened the door, letting water flood in.  He swam up to the surface that seemed to be miles away.  He held onto Rose's arm and pushed himself forward.

Finally when he reached the surface, he saw the rest of the train up ahead, trailing along.  He looked at Rose, scared of what just happened.

"Rose?" Albus said frightened looking at her behind him.

"Y-yes?" Rose choked out, slowly turning her head to face him.

"Are you ok?" Albus asked worried.

"F-fine, j-just a little s-shooken," Rose said coughing up some water.  Albus wrapped one of his arms around her waist and swam, hoping to reach Hogsmeade before the sorting ceremony was over.  

Who could've done this?  That was the question that bugged Albus the most.  Somehow who ever did that, moved everyone from the car they were in, and had no one realize it.  And extrodinary art of magic they must have cast, but who would want to harm them, or him.

He felt as if it was his fault.  If the assailant was after him, then it would be his fault for sitting with Rose.  But what didn't make sense to him, is why they would want to go after him.

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