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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
It was turning into one of THOSE days. You know the days where although everything seemed nice and quiet, you were more than aware that a big shoe was about to hit you square in the nuts. I have had an inordinate number of those days since coming to Hogwarts. This day was definitely starting like one of those days, everything was going great. The Dark Tosser hadn't shown his face in weeks, Ron and Hermione had FINALLY admitted to themselves what the rest of the school had figured out third year and Ginny had agreed that our relationship just wasn't working out anymore. It had been great for the first few weeks, but she kept wanting to see Harry the Hero in what was undeniably just Harry the Messy Haired Teenager. We hadn't really fought just sort of both realized at the same time that the other was just going through the motions of a dating couple, so we broke it off amicably. The change in what would otherwise had been an okay day started with having to cancel the DA meeting because good old git Snape had decided that since Malfoy knocked over my cauldron in potions that I had to serve a detention, did Draco get one you ask? Of course not, like always, he got points for the Slytherins for afterwards answering when the 'Professor' asked him to hold the door while he carried out the potion samples. Like that deserved a 100 point bump in the house standings! So here I am with an hour to kill before detention just walking around the lake when that other shoe comes flying at me.

It had been a truly horrible day for me. First off I finally heard that Justin was dumping me for Tracey Davis? I made a man turn gay? What does that say about me? I sat there stunned and miserable for hours and missed all of the rest of my classes. I didn't even try to make an excuse when Flitwick asked why I wasn't in Charms today, I don't remember what I said exactly but he told me in no uncertain terms that I had to speak with Sprout immediately. I got to Professor Sprouts office only to find that she was there with the Headmaster as well. That was when the rest of my world crashed down. My Aunt was found dead! No signs of a struggle, no sign of magic used just dead in her office? Amelia Bones just keeled over dead! I think not. The thought of being totally alone and worthless just ran circles in my brain, I don't know how I got away from the two of them and out by the lake. I have to prove to myself that I am still alive, still a woman, still desirable. Crying as I run I see a vaguely familiar form ahead of me, really he couldn't hide with that mop of hair anywhere. I fling myself at him, catching him completely stunned and off guard, throw my arms around his neck and mash my mouth onto his and begin to snog him while I am still crying.

Great the third girl I spend any amount of time dreaming about kissing and just like the first one she is crying! What is it with girls and kissing? I break the soggy snog off and just ask her whats wrong. Her response makes no sense to me, she made Justin gay? Every guy in the same year knows that he is bi-sexual, its kinda an open secret. Dumbledore told her her aunts dead? Why would the old coot tell her when she is in a state like this?

I sit her down by the lake and try to get her calmed down enough to tell her about Justin and try to figure out more about her aunt. We sit there for a few hours as I let her cry herself out on my shoulder first, guess old Snape is going to have to give me another detention later. I saw the old bat stalking over to drag me back to the castle only to be intercepted by Professor Sprout and Hagrid, the only two people I have complete trust and faith in anymore. Not sure what they tell him but he turns back to the castle and goes away. Professor Sprout does some spell that makes a message appear in front of my eyes letting me know that I don't have to worry about curfew tonight so long as I am with Susan. I nod back in understanding, this one time rules don't matter so long as we can put someone's soul back together.

Harry broke the kiss or should we call in attempted oral rape? In either case the first thing he asked was what was wrong! Is there another reason why I should not be faithful to him in all things? This is the first person who just asked what was wrong instead of ignoring my pain and adding to it. I just hold him and pour it all out Justin, the death of my Aunt and the method Dumbledore chose to tell me. Harry then hits me with the supposed 'open secret' about Justin being Bi? Who the hell was going to tell me this! Justin didn't all he told me was that he was going to be dating Tracey and that he wasn't interested in seeing me that way anymore. I sank to the ground stunned at the news as fresh tears started to come, Harry just held me tight and I cried for hours, letting out all my pain and frustration.

I then realized that we had been out there so long that Harry must have missed his detention that caused him to cancel the meeting tonight. I start to apologize and he just tells me to be quiet and rest for awhile. That he had received a message from Sprout that we could take as long as we needed to get me back together. We sat there under the night sky for hours talking about my Aunt and what would happen to me next as the sole surviving member of my family. And Harry, he just listened he never judged he never complained about spending time with me instead of his friends, he held me when I needed to be held and let me go when I didn't.

I had the most fun I think and the most relaxing time I have ever had with a girl just sitting out there by the lake that night. For some reason everything just clicked, I knew when to talk and when not to, I knew when to hold her and when to let go. Not something I really ever mastered with Ginny. She was the sole survivor of her family now just like I was, gave us a deeper sense of familiarity having both lost our families. We sat there for the whole night talking, skipping dinner and the last bell for curfew, we actually fell asleep for a good portion of time. I woke up when I heard someone approaching us quietly and spun with my wand drawn to protect Susan only to see Hagrid and Fang. They were there to escort us to the castle. Susan didn't seem to happy with the thought of going back to the dorms, but agreed as she would have to go to Gringots in the morning to deal with the will. She asked if I would go with her and I agreed.
Chapter End Notes:
Written as a writing exercise for myself, will not be updated as often as some of my other stories all feedback is appreciated
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