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[Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarPrinter
Summary: What happened between the defeat of Lord Voldemort and the scene on Platform 9 3/4 when Albus Severus was leaving for the first time?
Also, this was my first attempt at fan-fiction, which should explain why the chapters are so much shorter than what I write now.

Rated: PG - Safe for most readers
Categories: Harry Potter Characters: None
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: Spoiler Alert
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 25 Completed: Yes
Word count: 35524 Read: 146687
Published: 16 May 2008 Updated: 16 May 2008

1. The Next Day by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1180 words)

2. The Redemption of Severus Snape by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1652 words)

3. One chapter ends, another begins by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1994 words)

4. Birthday Dinner by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1604 words)

5. A blonde Weasley, besides Fleur? by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (953 words)

6. Ron's bargain, and a plan by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1521 words)

7. Not your normal zoo trip by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1158 words)

7. The Hogwarts Hop by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1206 words)

9. Tea, and an understanding by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1519 words)

10. Memories, and a request by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1469 words)

11. A plan is set in motion by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1018 words)

12. One big, happy, disfunctional family by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1474 words)

13. A brave face isn't always best by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1279 words)
I have heard that JKR noted that the "quartet" would never become animagi, so let's just say that's what will make this "slightly AU"

14. A persistent bug, and the other woman by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (2255 words)

15. The Deal by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1480 words)

16. Bonded by blood by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (2009 words)

17. A slight interruption by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1515 words)

18. Riverdancing and an odd book by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1259 words)

19. Do you, Harry Potter..... by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1505 words)

20. Another wedding, already? by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (500 words)
Being mostly a H/G story, this chapter is going to be VERY short.

21. Potter Manor, and duel preparation by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (945 words)

22. An uneasy truce, at last by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1404 words)

23. Meeting the in-laws by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1745 words)

24. Anniversaries and first trips by Prongs [Reviews - 0] (1630 words)
This chapter actually covers a good amount of time, starting 11 years after Voldemort's defeat and carrying to the end of the epilogue of HPatDH.  Sorry if it's confusing, but it's the way it fell.

25. Epilogue: The Interview by Prongs [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (1250 words)
I received more than a few requests for the interview scene mentioned early on, so here it is.

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