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Story Notes:
All characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. No copyright or other infringement is intended.
“Good night Mama. Good night Daddy. Good night Jim Bob”

“I’m Fred” called one of the twins.

“Oh, sorry. Good night Tito. Good night Jermaine.”

“Bloody hell, do you really think your youngest brother is a rich white woman whose nose fell off and who prays on children?” Ginny yelled.

“Ummm... are you a little bit country?”

“No, Percy. You just hit your head. Will you please go to sleep? You’re driving us all batty” George stated impatiently.

“G’night mate. Nasty bludger you took. You’ll feel better in the morning” the short one with the scar said in a hushed voice.

“Right. In the morning” Percy said.


“Come on boys” Arthur called upstairs. “We’re running late”.

The Weasley household was bustling as Molly helped her children and surrogate children to put the last of their things away in the trunks.

They scarfed down breakfast and loaded up in the brightly coloured bus with writing on the side.

“Oh... I get it!” Percy exclaimed.

“Bloody ‘ell. Percy’s gone yonkers” Ron groaned.

Hermione, who was busy fiddling with her wand, trying to perfect one last spell before the break was over, cast a charm to shrink their trunks.

“Nice going, Sam, but I thought Darren here didn’t want you practicing magic in front of the children.”

“It’s going to be a long trip” George groaned.
Chapter End Notes:
I dunno if I should continue this. What do you think? For fun, can you name the five references to other works referenced here?
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