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Story Notes:
Several characters in this story are of my own creation: Helena Black, daughter of Sirius Black and cousin to Luna Lovegood, and Nadia Rasputin, Marco Diaz and James Cleary- exchange students visiting Hogwarts.
Other characters may be added as necessary.
All others are the sole property of Ms. Rowling and no infringement upon her rights- legal, creative or otherwise is intended.
“Alrigh’ Harry?”

“I’m just tired, Hagrid.”

“I figured you might be down ‘bou Hedwig and you an’ ‘Mione was so good to cheer me up after Aragog an’ all, so I tho’ I’d, well...” He reached into one of his many large pockets and pulled out a beautiful black owl. Her eyes seemed so familiar to Harry, but he couldn’t place them.

He thanked Hagrid, then took the cage and turned toward Gryffindor Tower in search of respite he knew wouldn’t come.

The owl continued to chatter angrily, and as he climbed the stairs, he noticed the owl’s feathers had begun to shed and beneath them, the feathers were snow white. By the time he had reached his old room, he realized why the eyes were so familiar.


Hermione, who had headed to the tower in search of Harry, heard his call and burst through the door as he drew his beloved pet from her cage. She hooted happily at her new freedom and Hermione gasped as the owl transformed into a beautiful, though very naked woman.

“Who who who...” Hermione started.

“Very astute, Hermione. I was an owl. Now I’m not, so I’d prefer you speak as you would to Harry, Ron, or anyone else.”

Harry remained transfixed, and it wasn’t until Hagrid appeared that Harry broke his stare.

Hagrid, upon seeing the naked girl, removed his coat and draped its bulkiness over the girl’s demure form.

“Thank you, Hagrid. You always were quite kind.” She turned to Harry. “Hello Harry, I’m Helena, Helena Black.”
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