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Story Notes:
Just another zany plotbunny zinging round my brain.
Harry and the twins sat at the table in the Burrow, strategizing. Since the unveiling of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, they had, in secret, been working up weapons for Harry’s fight against the Dark Lord.

Hermione and Ron were sitting in the sitting room with Hermione’s DVD player. “So let me get this straight- that scrawny white kid becomes an old black man?”

“Not really, but yes” she sighed. Who would have thought that something that took place long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away would be so difficult to follow. Then again, this was Ron.

Ginny, meanwhile, had taken up affections with Neville Longbottom who was currently snogging with her down by the creek in the back. Neville’s family business interests had recently thrust him into dealings with the Malfoys and Lucius was too busy to deal with the boy, so the responsibility was thrust onto Draco who was meeting him here today.

An unearthly cry sliced the peaceful day, piercing the ear drums of everyone on the property.

“What happened to my house” Molly screamed. Even a mother bear would think twice before facing her down in this state.

Draco was laughing at the sight of the house. If he’d cared, he was sure McGonagall would have been proud of the job he’d done, and quite appropriate, he deemed.

“What did you do” she demanded, pouncing on Draco. His eyes widened. She didn’t see the humor in her house being turned into a boot. It made sense to him- old woman, lots of kids.

“Fix it. NOW” she demanded. He gulped and obliged.

"I am not old" she muttered.
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